Compatibility with different types of vehicle cross rails / racks

The basic roof rack requirements for the Upside Rack are:

  • Span or distance between outer edges of cross rails – 550 to 930 mm (22-36″)
  • Thickness (vertical) of cross rails less than 35 mm (1 3/8″)
  • We only recommend cross rails that are ISO certified to ensure they will not move under load
* please note the photos below are for information only, we do not recommend any brand of cross rail and all images have been taken from google image for illustrative purposes only

Bolt down / fixed to the roof

We have found these to be the most secure and tend not to move with multiple Upside Rack installations.

Clamp on longitudinal rails

When these cross rails are tightened to manufacturer specifications, we have not found any issues so far.

Clamp to door sill

These are the most problematic style, we have seen some issues with poorly designed and/or installed cross rails. It is critical they are installed correctly and checked to ensure they do not slide towards each other during install of the Upside Rack, or after a short drive with it installed.

Trade trays

We love these trays, but unfortunately they tend to be to thick/high to allow the Upside Rack to install correctly. Check the thickness of your tray bars as we have seen some major brands where the Upside Rack works perfectly.

The Upside Rack system is fast, effective and unique. To achieve the ease and flexibility of use we utilised the strength and design of good quality vehicle roof racks. The only way we can know the quality of another manufacturers roof rack is by relying on accreditation to an independent international standard, which is why we only recommend ISO 11154-H approved roof racks.

Compatibility with bicycle types

The Upside Rack is designed to carry most bikes on the market, but unfortunately we can’t recommend our rack for the following bikes:

  • Any bikes over 17kg, these exceed the accreditation weight limits (we will be retesting soon at a higher weight)
  • Tri-bikes, or road bikes that have really deep aero bars (email us if you have these as we have successfully tested with most bars on the market)
  • Tandems, trikes, unicycles and penny farthings (again email us if you have a unique bike as we would love the challenge)