Upside Rack

AUD $220.00

The original Upside Rack – light, fast and only on your car when you are carrying a bike!


  • Upside Rack Original (without the Electronic Lock)
  • Safety card / air vent reminder (doubles as a reminder your bike is on the roof)
  • 2 x Upside branded rubber bands (can be used to hold the brakes on when the bike is installed, or as a fashion accessory)
  • Installation Instructions

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The original Upside Rack, fast light and easy.

Flexible – Road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, kids bikes. This rack has all your options covered.
Portable – Ride whenever, wherever. It’s compact, transferable across cars in seconds and is only on when you need it.
Quality – Designed and crafted for high strength and soft touch, all tested beyond the highest standards.
Soft Grip – The Upside Rack doesn’t touch your frame. It gently secures your bike via the seat and handlebar.
Fast – On and off in seconds. Only one clamp to tighten the whole Upside system.


Roof rack requirements:

  • Span or distance between outer edges of cross rails – 550 to 930 mm (22-36″)
  • Height of cross rails less than 35 mm (1 3/8″)
  • We only recommend cross rails that are ISO certified to ensure they will not move under load

Bike restrictions:

  • Tested and accredited for bike weights up to 17kg
  • Some road bars will not work with this rack (aero road bars or Tri bars)

If you have any queries about the compatibility with this rack and your cross rails or bike, contact us at


Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 67 × 17 × 16 cm

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