The Cycle Show

The time has finally come to get our exciting bike rack out in front of some influential media and industry representatives. Exciting, daunting and over a year in the making, finally.

Leaving for the airport my wife lovingly suggested I don’t arrange to meet anyone on the first day, because “you’re not the best flyer”… noted. After making my way up to the accommodation just outside Coventry, I grabbed something quick to eat and tried to map out the next couple of days meetings.

The Trade and Press day was amazing. Managed to spend just the right amount of time drooling over the new gear coming out soon, but probably spent just a bit too much of my morning in a trance-like walk between Danny Hart’s Mondraker and Sam Hill’s Nukeproof, both have had an amazing year. Still continues to amaze me that in this industry we can buy almost the exact same bikes the world’s best use, albeit not pocket money, it still isn’t a second mortgage on the house either.


Still showing the dust from Val di Sole

Hadn’t realized the Athertons were going to be talking on the weekend, really looking forward to that!!! I ended up getting there just after they started, and was standing about 100 deep. Each of them are deservedly respected in the industry, but WOW what a year Rachel has had. One of the most dominant performances I can recall.

Managed to meet up with some amazing industry representatives and set up coffees for the next day so overall an incredible day with some brilliant feedback on how easy the rack looks to use. Checked in with Stefan who is over at Interbike showing our prototype off, he had the same great feedback from everyone he spoke to.

We have received the same validation from sample groups and bike shops locally in Melbourne, but it is definitely reassuring to hear from some of the big media guys in the industry that we are really onto something here.

Stefan arrived to hand over the prototype so I could follow up with a select few, as tired as I was, had to feel a little guilty. He has just flown from Interbike for less than a 1 day stopover before flying home. [see his summary here]

Luckily, out of the 6 cab trips I took on this trip, I only had to endure the analysis twice of “what went wrong with the Australian cycling team in Rio”, specifically compared to the almighty English team. Everything considered, the Poms had an amazing Olympics, good to see the rivalry is still alive and well.

Spent the rest of my time in UK between The Cycle Show and visiting some local bike shops in and around Birmingham and Coventry.  Good to see the enthusiasm around cycling generally, cannot wait to travel in a couple of months and pick up one of our racks in a local store to use for a riding trip. Oops I mean business trip…


* I also managed to stumble onto the Coventry Transport Museum by accident before leaving for London, some awesome bikes and cars. Can’t go past the classics though.