Why are we building this?

We are riders

Trails, roads, mountains, and even slow rides with our kids.  We spend more on our bikes than we do on our cars.

When it comes to bikes, there’s a solution for almost every rider and ride.

Tyres range from the size of your finger to the size of your face.  Frames are all sorts of shapes and lightweight carbon lay-ups are not designed to be clamped.  Securing your bike for the adventure is getting harder and harder.

Over a year ago, we set ourselves a mission, to get our bike to the trailhead regardless of the bike we choose.  We went back to first principles of design, back to the drawing board to search for a secure, fast and gentle solution. We wanted less hassle, more riding.


Turning the rack upside down was just the beginning. With the Upside Rack’s secure and lightweight design, you can get your bike on your car in seconds. And it’s portable so you can switch vehicles and bikes with ease. The Upside Rack is engineered to be compact and easy to store when you’re not riding, and rugged and secure to perform for as long as you need when you are.

Our pioneering design holds your bike at the same contact points you do, and clamps down with one quick and easy action. Best of all, your bike frame is safe, stable and secure.

We’ve designed a quality product for any ride.  You choose the bike and we’ll help you get it there.