The Upside Rack now contains a fully sealed, integrated and electronically controlled lock. The one request we kept getting with the original design was “does it have a lock?” So here it is.

crank handle lock vs non lock

The crank handle had to grow to fit the lock mechanism and batteries. It comes factory sealed with two, replaceable AA Lithium batteries.


Some of the electronic components inside and the key fobs used to lock/unlock. Just briefly hold the key fob next to the crank handle and the lock engages, do it again and it unlocks. Simple, secure and sealed.

Generation two in the future may be smaller once we have more field data to prove the 30 year battery life.

power draw in sleep mode

This shows power draw as we are evaluating battery life. What does it mean for users … currently heavy users should expect 30 years of battery life. That includes temperatures down to -40° which also happens to be where both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are the same 🙂